File Watcher Windows Service

About File Watcher Windows Service

File Watcher Windows Service is a simple windows service file watcher application that can be configured using XML configuration files. The configuration is entered directly to the XML configuration files. You can use XML configuration files from any other File Watcher Utilities application.

File Watcher Windows Service start parameters

The application reads start parameters at startup. The start parameters can be used to specify how the main application behaves. To configure how the file system is monitored see XML configuration.

Start parameters usage

FileWatcherWindowsService.exe [-a] [-b:x]

Command line arguments

(default value if '-a' is not specified) Synchronous execution of all started processes.
-a Asynchronous execution of all started processes.
-b:x Total process batch size is x (1-99). '-a' Must be specified. Limits amount of simultaneous processes run by this application.


See Log file for more details.

File Watcher Windows Service installation

InstallFileWatcherWindowsService.bat can be use to install File Watcher Windows Service using SC.EXE. The service must be in located in "C:\FileWatcherWindowsService" path. FileWatcherWindowsService.config is configured for this path.